Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a “Simple Clipping Path”?
A clipping path is an outline that is drawn, in Photoshop, around your product. A clipping path isolates the product from the background and allows your designer to easily remove your product from the background. A simple clipping path is a path that can be created easily. An example of an item with a simple clipping path would be a box. A bouquet of flowers would not have a simple clipping path. Generally a simple clipping path would take us under five minutes to create. Note: It is not required to have a path. We do this as a courtesy. A lot of designers like to have a path if they decide to place your item on a different background. It saves them the trouble of having to make one themselves.
Q: What is Basic Clean-up Retouching?
Just like a simple clipping path, basic clean-up retouching is retouching we can do in around five minutes. We’ll clean up any dust and dirt on the product and background. We’ll make sure the image is clean, sharp and color balanced and that the white background is pure white. We are Photoshop experts and more extensive retouching, color matching, and special effects are available for an additional charge.
Q: What are Unlimited Usage Rights?
Some photography studios limit how you use your images. They own the rights to your images and can charge you if you reuse your images in future advertising. Not at Once your invoice is paid in full you are granted unlimited use of your images. Note: we do retain the right to use your images in our promotional material.
Q: What is Online Image Archiving?
We use a service called to store all the images we shoot. Your images will be backed up and available online whenever you need them. You will be sent a link and password that allow you to access your images.
Q: How long does it take to get my photos?
We can get most jobs done within seven business days of receiving your product. If you’re in a rush just let us know…if our schedule allows it we’ll get it done at no extra charge.
Q: How do I get my photos?
We’ll send you a link and a password and you can easily download them or we can send you a DVD with your images for a small fee.
Q: How do I pay for my photos?
We use PayPal for our invoicing. We email you an invoice through PayPal and you pay using a credit card. You don’t need a PayPal account to pay your bill. PayPal is the best known and most trusted money transfer service in the world.They handle the transaction. We never see your credit card information.
Q: How do I get my product to you?
That’s up to you. If you are shipping them to us, please pack your items carefully. Make sure your product is clean and free of flaws and that labels are placed correctly. Be sure to enclose your contact information in your package. We encourage you to provide specific written instructions on angle, view, positioning, etc. with your shipment. Visual examples such as comps, layouts, drawings, cell phone images, or reference URLs are also helpful.
Q: How do I get my product back?
This is also up to you. If you need us to return-ship your product please include a return shipping label. We will do our best to carefully repack your items in your original packaging.